Brooklyn Veterinary Internal Medicine

brooklyn veterinary internal medicineAt Atlantic Animal Care, your pet has access to the latest veterinary internal medicine treatments. Our veterinarian is well-versed in animal internal medicine and endocrinology cases. Dr. Greenberg is particularly interested in diabetes mellitus and Cushing's Disease. Few Brooklyn and NYC area veterinarians have our expertise in veterinary internal medicine and we are proud to provide this service to your pet.

Veterinary Endocrinology

Many animals today suffer from endocrine disorders, and no one is better suited to properly diagnosing and treating your pet's endocrine discorder in Brooklyn than Atlantic Animal Care. The most common disorders are:

Atlantic Animal Care is proud to provide pets in Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill with advanced veterinary endocrinology treatments for the wellbeing of your pet.

Treatment for Allergic Pet Disorders

Many dogs and cats suffer from allergies. Dogs are more prone to the problem. The problem is usually manifested by itchiness. The pets scratch incessantly. Sneezing, eye and ear infections, or foot licking are other signs of a pet's allergy. Allergies can be seasonal (to pollens or molds in the spring, summer or fall, or fleas in the late summer) or they can be year round. Year-round allergies suggest sensitivity to food. Allergic disorders and skin diseases are a common component of veterinary internal medicine cases - they represent nearly 25% of patients presented to veterinarians for treatment. Atlantic Animal Care is one of the few veterinary hospitals in Brooklyn to focus on veterinary allergies.

Brooklyn veterinary internal medicineSenior Pet Care

In our youthful years, we rarely think about diseases of aging. But time always catches up. We age. We can’t help it. Dogs and cats age much faster than we do. (click here for a pet age comparison chart). An adult dog or cat ages approximately four times as fast as we do. That means that an annual examination of your pet is comparable to you going to your doctor every four years. Remember that when you get your next notice for your pet’s annual examination. All older pets should have regular examinations. The examinations should include laboratory tests to identify problems when they are manageable. We could extend the lives of many pets if we could identify problems early by available testing methods. Atlantic Animal Care provides complete senior pet care and wellness exams for dogs and cats in Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill.

Veterinary Pediatrics

Immunity begins with a good puppy or kitten immunization program. A puppy or kitten that is well vaccinated early in life is off to a super start that will carry through for years to come. Although there is some controversy about how often to vaccinate adult pets, there is no controversy about getting the pet off to a good start in life by thoroughly vaccinating when young. Puppies and kittens have immature immune systems; they need a series of vaccinations when young to boost their resistance to disease.

Pet Parasite Prevention

Parasites are a common problem for dogs and cats. We see parasites every day. We don’t see them just sometimes. We see them all of the time. There are intestinal parasites: roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and more. There are also external parasites, the most important of which is the flea. Parasite control is crucial to your pet’s well being. We suggest you always bring a little "sample" when your pet comes for an examination. Ask us about the latest methods of external and internal parasite control.