Brooklyn Pet Surgery

pet surgery in BrooklynOur veterinary hospital is equipped to perform most pet surgical procedures, from spays and neuters to more complicated surgeries. We take pride in our new anesthesia equipment and our modern patient monitoring systems. We offer orthopedic and soft-tissue veterinary surgery, including hernia repair, declaw procedures, tumor removals and more for dogs and cats. We do most soft tissue and orthopedic surgery procedures here. Some of the pet surgeries performed here include:

Please note: we do not perform ear crops, tail docking or other cosmetic surgeries. In some cases, complicated orthopedic procedures are referred to the Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group, located a few blocks away.

Before Your Pet's Surgery

Prior to pet surgery, all patients undergo a complete physical examination and pre-operative blood testing. Because every animal responds differently to anesthesia, pre-operative blood testing is essential in preventing potential complications when administering an anesthetic.

During Surgery

All surgical patients are intubated (using isoflurane anesthesia) and are monitored constantly by a trained veterinary technician. Your pet’s pulse oximetry, respiration and EKG are all monitored closely during surgery. Warmed fluids are used during every procedure as is an IV catheter for fast administration of medicine.

After Your Pet's Surgery

Veterinary surgery patients feel pain after surgery just like humans. Dr. Greenberg, our veterinarian, believes keeping pets comfortable and free of pain greatly aids - and speeds up - recovery. We use aggressive pain management protocols before, during and after your pet's surgery and most patients are able to go home the same day. You are provided with pain medication for your pet if necessary.