Tail Wagging Toy & Supply Stores for Pooches in Brooklyn
Because Fido deserves an outing to the toy store…

Calling all pet owners in Brooklyn! How many times have you looked into your dog’s eyes and thought, “if you could only tell me what you’re thinking?” Well, it’s likely that on more than one occasion he was thinking, “Take me to the toy store.” Come on… you know you want to.

Brooklyn is filled with artists, creativity, and dog lovers. A win-win for awesome pet pampering wonders. Why not check out these innovative pet stores for dogs? P.S. There’s some great stuff for kitties too.

Brooklyn Pet Stores for Dogs and Pet Owners (Toys & More)

Enjoy your outing with Fido and some quality Brooklyn pet purchases! For more tips on Brooklyn pet care and things to do with your pet in Brooklyn, see: Brooklyn dog parks, Brooklyn pet boarding, and Brooklyn dog-friendly restaurants.

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