Atlantic Animal Care in Brooklyn

brooklyn heights animal hospital Who We Are

Atlantic Animal Care is a Brooklyn animal hospital for pets in the Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill neighborhoods of NYC. The veterinarians and staff at Atlantic Animal Care know the importance of the special bond between pets and people. We consider it our obligation to improve the human-animal bond by providing the best veterinary medical and surgical care for your pet that we possibly can. We believe that if we can help you keep your pet healthy and extend its life, we are providing a useful veterinary service. To that end, we offer internal medicine, orthopedic and soft-tissue surgery, endocrinology, geriatrics, pediatrics and acupuncture for your beloved dogs and cats.

In good times and bad, our pets are there for us. They do not criticize. They are perfectly happy to give us comfort as needed. When we are happy, they are happy and when we are sad, they are sad. Pets seem perfectly suited to understand our human moods, perhaps even better than a therapist. All that pets ask in return is our love, our companionship, some attention, and maybe a little bit of food.

In the Service of People and Their Pets

That is why we take our slogan seriously: "In the Service of People and Their Pets." With the help and guidance of our veterinarians and staff, you can improve your dog or cat's quality of life and the special relationship that you have established with your pet.

The veterinarian, Dr. Jo Ann Greenberg, has professional interests in veterinary internal medicine for dogs and cats. At Atlantic Animal Care, your pet has access to the latest treatments in veterinary endocrinology, allergic disorders, geriatric conditions, puppy and kitten care, and parasite prevention. If your pet requires an advanced veterinary orthopedic surgical procedure, we can help.